FLIR Scion

FLIR Scion PTM is a professional thermal imager for law enforcement. It combines all the latest developments and is compatible with the FLIR TruWITNESS thermal imaging system. It’s able to record video with geotags (adding geolocation data) and to transfer video in real time.

FLIR Scion PTM can instantly transmit encrypted thermal video footage of the persecution of the offender (criminal) to the command center. It will help to find evidence, as well as is irreplaceable in search and rescue operations.

The 60 Hz refresh rate and the zoom function (picture-in-picture) provides the ability to capture the smallest details that are elusive for other optical devices at a considerable distance. Design engineers have unofficially nicknamed this monocular imager as the “True Witness” for their unsurpassed specifications.

Technical characteristics of FLIR Scion PTM

FLIR Scion PTM thermal imagers are manufactured with three types of lenses (13.8 mm, 18 mm and 25 mm). The model of a thermal imager with a 25 mm lens has a manual focus adjustment mode, which allows to get clearer and more detailed images.

Optionally, it is possible to choose the type of batteries: CR123 or 18650 battery. It has a simple menu that you can use even with gloves on. IP67 degree of protection, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

  • monocular thermal imager Scion PTM166 (art. 7TM-01-F310), 320 × 256, 12um-60Hz, 13.8 mm-16⁰, Black;
  • monocular thermal imager Scion PTM336 (art. 7TM-01-F320), 320 × 256, 12um-60Hz, 25 mm-9⁰ Manual, Black;
  • monocular thermal imager Scion PTM366 (art. 7TM-01-F330), 640 × 512, 12um-60Hz, 25mm-18⁰, Manual, Black.

Monocular thermal imager FLIR Scion OTM for hunters

The FLIR Scion OTM, a civilian model of a thermal imager with a frame rate of up to 9 Hz, has been created for non-governmental organizations and for individuals:

  • monocular thermal imager Scion OTM130 (art. 7TM-01-F110), 320 × 256, 12um-9Hz, 13.8mm-16⁰, Gray;
  • monocular thermal imager Scion OTM230 (art. 7TM-01-F120), 320 × 256, 12um-9Hz, 18mm-12⁰, Gray;
  • monocular thermal imager Scion OTM260 (art. 7TM-01-F130), 640 × 512, 12um-9Hz, 18mm-24⁰, Gray.

For the first time, the new product presented to the residents of the EU countries in the city of Nuremberg at the annual exhibition IWA (March 8, 2019 – March 11, 2019), specializing in goods for hunters and security personnel.

To order FLIR Scion

According to the current legislation of the United States of America, mentioned thermal imaging equipment is classified as a dual-using product, so you will definitely need an end-user certificate for the import into Ukraine. Information about the price is provided only on the basis of the written request to “IGS Ukraine” LLC with the following adding of the place of establishment and the aim of the final use of this product.