Anti-corruption policy

The policy of IGS Ukraine LLC is directed on the zero-tolerance to corruption. Our company’s management and all members of our team consider that corruption is an unacceptable phenomenon, so that’s why we take comprehensive measures to prevent, identify and resist corruption and all other factors connected with it according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

Herewith, considering the fact, that IGS Ukraine LLC has dealing agreements with our foreign partners, our team took all responsibilities to follow the international anti-corruption legislation of the United States of America and EU countries. This also includes following the UN Anti-corruption Convention, which was ratified by the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada Ukrainy) on January 1, 2010.

Taking account of everything was said above, we consider unacceptable all direct or indirect actions aimed at:

  • extortions, giving or receiving undue profit in any form;
  • misusing of authority or influence;
  • bribing any officials or provoking bribes;
  • offering, promising or providing undue advantages.

In this way, while entering into a contract (written or oral) with IGS Ukraine LLC, any individual or legal entity, regardless of ownership or country of registration, must adhere to the current anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine and be aware of the relevant legal consequences in case of their violation.