If knowledge and experience are crucial for you, then the choice is obvious! IGS Ukraine designs and implements multi-level integrated security systems. Provides complex solutions for the technical protection of critical infrastructure objects, the military-industrial complex, law enforcement agencies and government structures.


Employees of IGS Ukraine have experience in developing effective and reliable intellectual systems for the protection of particularly important objects that are integrated with the system of decision support in the event of accidents, disasters and other emergencies.

“The main parameter of each security system is the resistance to external and internal threats”.

IGS Ukraine LLC passed a special examination in the Security Service of Ukraine and received special permission to carry out activities related to state secrets (№KVZ-2019-79 08.23.2019).

IGS Ukraine is recognized as a Certified Honeywell Commercial Security Solutions Partner.

International transfer of goods

Our company is registered in the State Service for Export Control of Ukraine as a subject of the international transfer of dual-use goods. Registration certificate №3272/00/2022.

That’s why the company IGS Ukraine offers tactical equipment from the leading manufacturers of thermal imaging systems and night vision devices by FLIR Systems and Tanz Security.